Earning It

Available now from romance author E.F. Dodd.

Regan “Rae” Murphy has zero interest in romance and even less in love. One heartbreak in her life was quite enough, and she has no desire to get wrapped up in the sticky tendrils of love again. She thought she’d left all those messy feelings and entanglements in her past when she moved to Charlotte from Charleston, especially the devastatingly handsome portion of that past, who was wearing nothing but a towel when she walked out on him. His betrayal was the reason she left and is the reason she keeps her heart safely tucked away. But love is in the air on her best friend’s wedding day, and it smacks Rae right in the face when her ex appears-and he looks just as good in a tux as he did in a towel. If he wants a chance to show Rae what they had was real, she going to make him earn it.

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About the Author

Like her heroines, E.F. Dodd came from a close-knit family in a small town in North Carolina. Although she dallied briefly with city life, she retreated back to the country, where she now lives with her long-time boyfriend and an English bulldog. From a young age, she enjoyed creating stories, including the time at five years old when she’d almost convinced her grandmother that she’d gone horseback riding all alone… until she added a friendly crab to the storyline. With age came wisdom and the understanding of how far to stretch a plotline. Now she pursues writing as a creative outlet and hopes, one day, to have this be her career instead of a pastime.

E.F. Dodd is available for interviews, contributed articles, guest posts, and Q&As.

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